Electron Microscope

             Precision Machining Available

          Integrated Circuit Boards Designed

       Software Created to Control Hardware




Custom Enclosures Available for Your Product.

This Product Provides a Display of Time in the Shower. 

      Useful for Home, Hotel, Resort, ect.


                Weight Lifting

                              Used in Gyms and Workout Areas

          Uses IR Sensors to Track

   the Weight Lifting Bar as it's Lifted.

                  Tracks Lifting Performance as You Work Out

                      Shows Weight, Reps, Velocity and Power

                    Custom Computer Products Provided both

                                    Hardware Design and

                        Software Development for This Product.




Simultaneous Control of Several Moving Parts

Interacts With Customers by Speaking and Drawing Attention

by Using Body Movements





 Medical Testing Equipment

Simultaneous Testing and Analysis

      of Multiple Medical Devices

Hardware and Software Designed by

      Custom Computer Products